Business Contract Review


Every Contract can either help your business grow or burden you with heavy risks which ultimately costs you unnecessary time and attention. 


Let us examine your language from a non-legal business prospective and mitigate this risk while fully explaining the business impact of the original language has a team of seasoned Contract Admins who will review your agreements and make changes which seek to neutralize those hidden risks which could stop you from receiving payment or potentially cause business  issues down the road. 

Our Contract Admins will redline your agreement with your best interest in mind all the while fully explaining the logic of any business related changes in the margin for your review and how the original language was detrimental to your business. 

All review of contracts are business, not legal, in nature.  Nivek Consultants do not provide legal services


         We are able to review, from a business, not legal prospective, a wide range of contracts and agreements including but not limited to:

  • Business Contracts,

  • Asset Purchase Agreements,

  • Consulting Agreements,

  • Employment Contracts,

  • Leases and Leaseholds,

  • NDA's/Non-Disclosure Agreements,

  • Website Terms & Conditions,

  • Saas Agreements,

  • MSA's,

  • Manufacturing Terms,

  • Terms of Use

  • Privacy Policies,

  • Tenancy and Rent,

  • Director's Contracts,

  • Independent Contractor Agreements,

  • Shareholders Agreements,

  • Service Agreements,

  • Warranties... and many, many more.


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